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Starting as a hobby and developed into a market leading concern with an old school approach to business, design and quality craftsmanship. Since 1996 we provide a comprehensive range of cabinetry and selected furniture for the discerning market.


Our approach to life is based on integrity, both on human relations as well as structural design of our products. The way we treat customers, our staff, design and project development is of paramount importance. All our staff were trained from complete unskilled people off the street, to proud craftsman. Even the three disabled members execute their duties with pride.


In our designing process we embark on two principles – Timeless and one of a kind. No two humans are the same and so are our products. Various woods, veneers, paint processes, metal and glass are common in our day to day operations. Selected Granite, Ceasarstone, Café Quartz and Porcelain are used to provide functional and beautiful work surfaces. We also work with exotic woods; like Bubinga, Zebrano, Leadwood, Patrys Wood, Masasa, Bamboo and Minger to suit our customers’ needs. No other material match the beauty, strength, durability and warmth of wood. Raw or polished, this God-given substance will provide a lifetime of pleasure.

Social Responsibility

Life is not all work, we are the proud sponsor of all the woodwork at the school of autism at Willem Postma Primary School. We try our best to assist them with the education of these special children. We are also involved in the newly built community room at Kotze Art Gallery to supply them with what they need.

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